Updo Ideas

These are Youtube video roundup posts.
French Braid Alternatives Many of these are much easier then a traditional french braid.
A Bobby Pin Primer This post show you the basics and more on using bobby pins.
Braid Bonanza Many kinds of braids.  Most work only for long hair.
Ponytail Palooza Most of these work for shorter hair.
Styles that Mix Braids with Waves.  Most of these will work with short, even very short hair.

Science-y Hair Blog's Updos for Not Thick (A.K.A. thin) Hair Series  -Scroll to the bottom of the page for links to the "not thick" hair updos.  Most of these will work for shorter hair.

For professional updos check out The Small Things Blog.  Her hair isn't wavy, but she usually starts with hair curled to mimic waves.  Many, maybe most, of these styles will work with shorter hair.  Here is the link to her youtube channel.

For (mostly) bohemian style updos for longer hair, check out Let's Make It Up's youtube channel.  Her hair is not wavy, but she usually starts with hair curled to be wavy.  There are enough non bohemain styles to make this channel worth a look if that is not your style.

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