Saturday, May 10, 2014

Braids with Waves

I think braids work perfectly with waves.  Here are some style options. 

I do styles #1and 8 quite often.  The styles start at about 3:10.

I do the first style in this video quite often too.  I use a ponytail holder, because ratting to finish the braid does not work for my hair.

I just pinned this, so I haven't tried any of these yet.  

If you have thin-ish hair like me, your hair will look nothing like it does in this video.  On my thin-ish hair, I prefer to do a regular french braid instead of a dutch braid.  

 Here is a braid where you take a small section of hair and pull then around the other hair before you add it into your French braid.

This is another favorite of mine.  It looks complicated, but it is just a regular braid.  Then you hold one of the three pieces and slide the other two strands up the braid.  Easy.

This style is done in the same way as the one above, but with four strands.  If that seems too difficult for you, you can do it with three strands and it will look almost the same.  

I do the ponytail version of this one quite often too.  I skip the teasing at the crown.  I know, I know.  This is not a braid, it is a series of knots.  I wanted to post it here anyway.  :)


  1. Is there a simple fix (an app or setting) that you can recommend, so that I can view your videos from my Android phone? Getting a msg that I've never seen w a video before: "This plug in is not supported". Hoping it's a common problem with a quick fix to adjust it. Thanks.

    1. I honestly don't know. I asked around and the two suggestions were maybe you could use a youtube app. or maybe it is a browser issue on your phone. HTH.

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