Monday, April 28, 2014


I'll be perfectly honest.  The reason I've taken so long to write a post on clipping is that I can't figure out how to clip.  It could be because my hair is very fine and thin.  It could be operator error.  Clips flop over or slide down the length of my hair.  Or if clipping does work, I get unnatural looking volume.  I have never tried the Deva clips, which are larger then other clips that shape.  Deva clips are closer to the size of duckbill clips.  Deva clip may work for me, but I have my doubts.

There are other women on the Wavy Hair Community that have clipping down pat.  They mix several of these methods on different parts of their hair to get their hair flowing in the right direction and achieve great volume.  I'm amazed at their mix of engineering and artistry.  Anyway, here are a bunch of clipping videos.

Deva Clipping with Deva clips. 
And, here is another Deva clipping video.



You can also use Duck Bill Clips.

Roller Clamps.  Here is a Frizz Off roller clamp video.  You can find roller clamps other places, but you want to look for ones with a curved shape, so they don't crush your waves.  I've also seen people use large octopus clamps or curved jaw clamps.  I think most people use these types of clips just on the roots, like the video below and don't gather up all their hair into a clip like in the video in the linked above. 
Start this video at 5:30 to see how to use the roller clamps.

Videos showing how to use small jaw or octopus clips.

Update:  I have finally found a method of clipping that works for me.  This is the method I learned from stylist Emily Kleinsorge of Lucy Skyrocket Hair Salon in Austin Texas. 


  1. Stumbled upon this blog on naturally curly. I'm glad to have found it- it looks like we have the same hair :) Most hair bloggers have a ton of hair or thick hair and their methods don't work well for me. It's nice to see someone with hair like mine. Thank you!

    1. You might also want to check out The Wavy Nation. Karen has hair that isn't thick and a 2a wave pattern. She is a master at clipping for volume .