Friday, August 16, 2013

Braid Bonanza

The Braid Encyclopedia:  French, Dutch, Fish, Rope, round 4 strand, and 5 strand braids.

Cute bohemian braids.  Most are super simple, but look complicated.  Some are just braiding with unequal sections of hair.

Easy crisscross braid.  Skip to 1 minute in.

Organic braid without an elastic.  For when you are out and about and want to put your hair up.

Rope Braid using one small and one large section.

Twisty braid.  Just a bunch of twisting.
Carrousel Braid

Not really a braid.  This takes several ponytail holders. 

3D Split Braid.  You spit the outer section.  Bring the middle section between the split outer section.  Recombine the outer section to become the new middle section. 

This one looks complicated, but it isn't.  You split the ponytail and do two rope braids.  Then you twist those rope braids together. 

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