Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ponytail Palooza

Here are some tutorials showing ponytail variations.

The Fake Pony Tail for days when you are out and about and the weather has killed your hair.  It requires a few bobby pins. 

The Stacked Ponytail (by me).  It looks more put together then a regular pony tail.  Your hair only has to be long enough for the front section of your hair to reach to the back center bottom.

Not Just a Ponytail.  A good one for work.

How to do a perfect ponytail.  The "mohawk" section is left out, teased slightly, and then added to the ponytail.  A piece of hair is wrapped around to hide the band.

Organic ponytail for longer hair.  This does not require a ponytail holder, so it is good for when you are out and your hair needs to be up NOW.

Flip through ponytail or topsytail ponytail and some variations.

Side ponytail
Side ponytail with the Goody Twisty Comb for short hair (It's me).  You can use ponytail holder instead.  Watch at 2:15 for the trick to get your shorter layers to stay.

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