Monday, August 26, 2013

French Braid Alternatives

Many of these are much easier then traditional french braids.  The first video on this post gives a tutorial for french and dutch braiding, if you would like one.

The french rope braid.  Much easier then a french braid, but still looks complicated.

Here is a french rope braid variation on the side of the hair once worn by Rihanna.  The style starts 1 minute into the video.

I don't know the proper name for this, but I call it a two strand twist headband.  It is like a french rope braid where you twist as you go.  This makes a more substantial "braid" then a traditional french braid.  Substantial is good if you have thin hair.  :)  This style works on chin length hair and possibly shorter.   Another beautiful preview pic of me.  *sigh*

Twisting hair can be a good way to get the layered sides to stay in an updo.  Start watching at 1:15 for the style and at 5:30 to see twisting the sides.

French fishtail.  I'd say this is more difficult then a rope braid, but easier then a French braid.  It takes more time to do then a french braid.

Tangle Braid, easier then a french braid.  This style is one "invented" by my sister (We are sure she isn't the first to invent this.)  She calls it Tangle Braid because she does it when she is out and about and the weather has killed her hair.  Because you can section hair in larger sections then French braid, it works well on tangled hair.  Thus, the name tangle braid.  Click to see my blog post on Tangle Braid with a visual aid.  

The waterfall twist for long hair or long layers.  This is sort of a cheater version of the waterfall twist (or you can do this for a cheater waterfall braid).  It won't work on short layers.  

The following braids are all equal to or harder then a french braid (to me).  The first two knot braids however are a little easier then a french braid. 

Waterfall twist.  This one works for shorter layers.  It was about the same level of difficulty as a french braid (to me).

Waterfall Braid.  I can do this on someone else's hair, but get confused doing this on my own hair. Advanced level braiding.
 The Knot Braid Updo was a little easier french braiding.  The second video is the same as the first in this group, the "braid" just starts higher on the head.  The second video has clearer directions.  You must cross the hair with the correct strand on top, pull the correct strand through, and twist the strands the right way for each side.  The last version is easier then the first two. I still have to concentrate to make sure I keep knotting in the same direction.

"Braiding" starts 1 minute into this video.

This is another version, the Knotted Headband.  I kept getting confused on this one.  This is more difficult then the two above.  Mine did not look nice and neat like the one in the video.  :(

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