Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tangle Braid and Tangle Low Ponytail

Tangle Braid and Tangle Low Ponytail were "invented" by my sister.  We are both sure she isn't the first one to invent Tangle Braid.  We are sure it exist already under another name.  If you know what the actual name for this braid is, please let me know.  Above is a picture of my sister with a Tangle Braid.  Below is a picture if her with Tangle Low Ponytail.  Tangle Braid can be left as is (show above).  You can add a ponytail holder to finish it off.  Or, you can bobby pin the ends under the braid.
Here is my video Youtube tutorial I filmed on how to do tangle braid.  If your hair is very tangled, you do not have to actually section your hair.  You can just grab tangled clumps that are in the general area you would want the sections to be.  The beauty of tangle braid is that it works on hair that is already tangled.  It is great for when you are out in the world and your hair has turned into a tangled mess and you need to do something with it.

Some people were confused about what exactly was happening with the "braid".  My hands are in the way in the video, so it isn't that easy to see.  Here are some visual aids I made.  Just ignore what is written in pen, the demo didn't work as I originally envisioned.  I tried to demonstrate the entire braid with yarn, but that just looked like a big ole pile of yarn.

If you have a large tangled clump, you can just make a hole in it and skip to the blue thread looping shown in pic 4.
If not, cross the strands/clumps that you have pulled straight back from the bang area.

Cross the sections/clumps a second time.

This creates a "hole".  You will pull the next section/clump through this "hole".

Pull the next section (blue yarn) through the "hole" you created.  Only pull this section/clump part way through the "hole".  This creates a loop (blue yarn).  You will pull the next section through this loop.

The next section/clump (dark blue) is pulled through the loop you just created (light blue loop).  Again, only pull the new section (dark blue) through part way to create a new loop.  Continue doing this until you get to your last section/clump of hair.  The last section of hair will be pulled all the way through the loop. 

Tangle Braid on my hair.
Here are a few other pics of Tangle Braid and Tangle Low Ponytail.

Tangle Braid using more sections of hair then I used in the video.

Tangle Braid
Tangle Low Ponytail

Tangle Braid.

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