Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Bobby Pin Primer

This post will show you the basics of how to use bobby pins. 
Bobby Pinning 101

Bobby Pinning 201-pin invisibility and how to fix the wonky bits with bobby pins.

The bobby pin trick (from me).  It is a way to hide the bobby pins in your hair.  I only look like I'm on drugs, I swear.  Sheesh, what a bad preview pic.

Get your bangs out of your face with hidden bobby pins.

Me showing the bobby pin trick I learned from my sister, who learned it from someone else. I didn't have pink eye, that is just an effect I managed to create with my eye shadow.  :(

Skip to 1:45.  Cute retro way to put the sides up with a bobby pin.

A good strategy for pinning up wavy hair.  Put the pin in halfway down your hair and then pin that to your head. 

Sally's vs. Goody bobby pins (get the ones from Sally's) and how to remove bobby pins. (Me again.)

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