Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I did my first PT and angels didin't sing. OR My hair hated my first PT.

The angels didn't sing for me either the first protein treatment (PT), and my hair loves protein.  If nothing bad happened, that is a good sign.  If your hair did not like protein, it would feel hard and rough.  There is a small percentage of people who's hair feels very soft after a PT and/or gets straighter.

If you did not have a negative reaction:

1)You may need to do more PTs before you start to notice a positive change in your hair.  One PT might not have totally taken care of all your hair's protein needs.  You might be very low on protein.
2)  You may need to leave the PT on longer.  Again, you just may need more protein.  Leaving a PT on longer will get more protein into your hair.
3)You may need to try a different kind of protein. Soy and wheat protein work for my hair, but collagen is magic.  You may need to experiment with different proteins until you find the one that works for you.
Some proteins may work better for your hair then others. 

I had a negative reaction.  Does that mean I'm protein sensitive?

1)  You could be protein sensitive.  It could be that protein just isn't for you.
2)  Your hair might not have liked the protein in your PT, but will like other types of protein.
3)  You might need less protein or a different protein.  Ion Effective Care and Aubrey Organics GPB are milder PTs.  Keratin and silk proteins are easier for some hair to take.
4)  How long did you leave it on?  Maybe you need to PT for a shorter time.
5)  Did you do a deep treatment (DT)?  If you did not do a deep treatment immediately afterward, go do one now.  You need moisture to balance the protein.  If you only used a rinse out, you might need to do a DT to get more moisture into your hair.
6)  There is the rare wavy that likes daily protein in his/her products (gels, leave ins, etc.), but cannot PT.   Your hair may freak out after a PT, but love protein otherwise. 


  1. Just found your blog a few as ago - I'm fairly new to the CG method (been at it about a little over a month now) & thus far most things I've tried have made not a hill of beans difference. It's getting rather frustrating too.
    All in all, my hair still looks stringy. Sure I have some really nice clumps of wavy curls here & there...but in betwen those few nice clumps I have a stringy mess that looks like I got attacked by a rabid weasel.
    I've tried everything from a diffuser, sock diffuser, no diffuser, air dry, microfiber towel plopping, old t-shirt plopping, sopping wet plopping, no poo, low poo, high protein poo, co wash, no co wash, deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, cheap gel, expensive gel, a little gel, a lot of gel, no silicone anything,no paraben anything, no sulfate anything, Aubrey curl activator, living proof anti-frizz, Aubrey GPB, Giovanni cond, Giovanni leave-in, Jessicurl Rocking Ringlets, LA Looks Sports Gel, DevaCurl something, DevaCurl something else, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, Sauve green apple cond, EverSleek something, copious amounts of water for cupping my hair, aquis microfiber towel dried hair, no towel dripping all over the place hair, hair dryer on cool, hairdryer on warm, on hot, on low, on high, wide toothed comb, denman brush, no comb,no brush, finger comb, scrunch, squash, scrunch again, read Loraine Masseys book, read NC.com posts, read Curl forum posts, read personal curly girl hair blog posts, do everything, no nothing, do something else, do not see any better results.
    So, when does any or all of this begin to show any success?

  2. I suggest you join the Wavy Hair Community on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/groups/wavyhaircommunity/ If you ask the question there, you can pick the brains of the entire group of knowledgeable wavies. I would need a lot more information about your hair type,typical routine, etc. to give you good feedback. You do need the right types of products for your hair type, dew points, etc. for CG to work. It may be that CG is not for you, it doesn't work for everyone. If you would prefer not to join the Wavy Hair Community, feel free to e-mail me at Pedaheh @gmail.com. I'll do my best to help you out. By one month, most people will see improvement, but if you have the wrong products for your hair, CG will never work.

  3. You do mean, angels, not angles, right? :P I'm totally being cheeky cuz I love you and know how much you hate typing on the iPad Ped. :P

  4. LOL. I wish I could blame this on the "iPed". :) My typing and spelling are atrocious. I'm not sure which one to blame for "angles". I wish I was better at one or the other, because being bad at both makes me look like a moron on the internets. *sigh* Oh well.

  5. I tried to tell you about the angles before! You kept deleting me and I dont know why.

  6. Thanks for trying to tell me. I appreciate getting heads up on spelling, typos, and stuff of that nature. I never deleted a post your post. Must be one of those weird things.