Friday, June 22, 2012

My Hair is Falling Out! (it probably isn't)

The odd are very good that your hair isn't actually falling out.  When you have straight hair and you brush it, shed hairs either end up in your brush or fall out sometime during the day.  When you wear your hair wavy or curly, when your hair sheds, it doesn't fall to the ground.  The waves/curl in your hair catch the shed hair and hold on to it. When you comb your hair in the shower, you have to manually remove all the hairs that have shed that day(s).  Looking at all the hair that has been naturally and normally shed in a day(s) at one time freaks a lot of people out.  It just looks like too much hair to loose. My relative jokes that says she removes a barbie doll worth of hair every time she washes it.  The odds are your hair isn't thinning.  I've been active on curl talk for years and Wavy Hair Community since it started.  I've read tons of posts by people alarmed by the amount of shedding.  I've never read a single post that said "CG made me bald".  Not one.  Trust me, if CG made anyone bald, someone would have posted about it.  :)  Here is a good link that explains the hair growth cycle.

Does your hair actually seem to be getting thinner?  When you look at your hair, do you seem to have less hair then you once had?  If so, you should see a doctor.  Many conditions that can be treated can cause thinning hair.  A thyroid condition is one example.  If you have old photos of your thicker hair, bring them to your doctor's appointment to show him/her.  Hair products will not cause your hair to fall out, unless you are doing something very extreme (think on the lines of a chemical burn, never washing, etc.).

Waterlilly716 posted a video on this subject.  FAQ:  Shedding, Breakage, and Hair Loss.  Oh My!

Now, take a deep breath and continue on with your day.  :)

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  1. I really never thought of it like that! I shed hair like A LOT, but now that I've read this post it makes sense that because I have wavy hair, strands most likely just stay in my hair until I wash/brush them out! thanks for the info and for making me realize that i am not going bald lol! :)