Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Curly Girl Products

I'm going to give you these links, but you have to promise, cross your heart, hope to die that you will double check the ingredients on your bottle.  Product lists are impossible to keep current.  Ingredient lists are always changing.

Going No Poo, Goodbye Shampoo Click the links on the right side for other Curly Girl (CG) products.  This blog includes products that have the ingredient amodimethicone.
Healthy Curls List products that are also protein free.
Curl Girl Journey Has products listed on the left side of the blog.
There is also a list on the Facebook group Wavy Hair Community.  Request an invitation to join.
The Pinerest page of Tiffany Anderson-Taylor/Curl Whisperer/Live Curly Live Free founder/Struts Wife (she has many names) recommends CG products by hair texture.
Most of the products on Wavy Hair Community Product Reviews are CG.

The Wavy Tales has great CG product reviews.  Her post The Conditioner Scales ranks conditioners by how moisturizing they are.  How moisturizing a person finds a conditioner varies from person to person, but the rankings are still very helpful.

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